AMy Cheu

I am currently a PhD student in Dr. Philip Bergmann's lab at Clark University studying the complex relationships between vertebrate form and function. I'm also interested muscle physiology and comparative biomechanics. Although I love all organisms, my primary focus is with lizards. Check out my "Science" tab for more information on my research and interests!

Aside from research, I am an artist, hoping to integrate science with the visual arts through scientific illustration and science communication. I also highly enjoy character design, concept art, and general nerdy sci-fi illustration. I use both digital and traditional media with Adobe Photoshop and oil paints as my favorite.

My other hobbies include snowboarding, rock climbing, cooking, spending time outdoors, reading comic books, crafting things, and chasing lizards.


Basiliskos or the basilisk, is a legendary reptile known as the king of serpents with the power to inflict death with a single glance. It is arguably one of the most feared beasts in mythology and its dangerous reputation gives it a strong presence in modern day popular culture. However, apart from mythology, the basilisk is also the common name for a genus of lizards living in the tropical regions of the western hemisphere. I found "Basiliskos" to be the perfect pen name because it combines my love for science fiction and fantasy with my scientific research.