A compliation of the #SciDoodles from my twitter requests! All have been done in pen and ink on paper.

 @Cheuchoo,  Basiliscus vittatus

@Cheuchoo, Basiliscus vittatus

 Gen Morinaga,  Lerista Flammicauda

Gen Morinaga, Lerista Flammicauda

 Dale Stevens,  Esox lucius

Dale Stevens, Esox lucius

 @CT_Bergstrom,  Corvus corax

@CT_Bergstrom, Corvus corax

 @NicholasWuNZ,  Litora caerulea

@NicholasWuNZ, Litora caerulea

 @cenewman0,  Plethodon serratus

@cenewman0, Plethodon serratus

 @FlammingLab,  Remora

@FlammingLab, Remora

 @jr4science,  Egernia striolata

@jr4science, Egernia striolata

 @hossiet,  Papilio glaucus

@hossiet, Papilio glaucus

 @PetrelStation,   Fregetta maorianus

@PetrelStation,  Fregetta maorianus

 @gilamonsterasu,   Heloderma suspectum

@gilamonsterasu,  Heloderma suspectum

 @saxicoly,  Dipodomys merriami

@saxicoly, Dipodomys merriami

 @Tony_Gamble1,  Lepidodactylus lugubris

@Tony_Gamble1, Lepidodactylus lugubris

 @emilyjanedennis,  Aedes aegypti

@emilyjanedennis, Aedes aegypti

 @kmoconnor8,  Gopherus polyphemus

@kmoconnor8, Gopherus polyphemus

 @KzMcKenna,  Actias luna

@KzMcKenna, Actias luna